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Random Five Friday

Five random thoughts to start of the month of May:

1.) Remember the carved LOVE sign that Motor Man and I happened upon a few weeks ago?  We now know its permanent location. It was placed near the Chesapeake, Virginia courthouse. Motor Man was watching a local tv station recently and caught a glimpse of it just before a commercial break. So I contacted the station to ask the location. Of course, we had to stop for a visit the next time we were in the area. We didn’t have the tripod with us, and no one else was around, so we did the next best thing…

…took pictures of each other. (I love this one of my Motor Man).

2.) Earlier in the week, one of the “duck couples” who frequents our yard brought us a surprise: 12 adorable ducklings. Sadly, a couple of days later, the parents returned with only four. And the past couple of days, the adults have visited…with no babies. There are just two many predators for those sweet little ones to survive.

3.) Plant shopping for the season has begun. I always forget what a chore it is to keep everything watered when the heat of summer arrives. Earlier this week, I discovered this beautiful petunia; I’ve never seen the variegated foliage variety.

4.) Last weekend, Motor Man and I attended a multi-year class reunion for the school I attended. There were probably around 200 people there, and it was really a fun time. Next month, we plan to attend a reunion for his class.

5.) This weekend, there’s a HUGE vintage market just outside of town.  My friend, Donna, and are planning to attend. We love shopping for vintage treasures, and the weather looks to be perfect.

Happy first weekend of May!

~These Days Of Mine~



Random Five Friday

For the last Friday in April, how about some randomness?

1.) Yesterday morning, when I opened the curtains, I knew the time for a sunrise picture would be very brief. Sure enough, a minute or two after I took this, the sun was behind the clouds.

2.) The hummies are back! Time to stock up on sugar.

3.) Also time to plant flowers, and I’m hoping the deer haven’t yet acquired a taste for marigolds. In the background are garden phlox. If you look closely, you’ll see that they’re covered in netting, because, apparently phlox are considered a delicacy in the deer world.

4.) You may recall that, back in December when Motor Man and I were in Indianapolis for a racing industry trade show, I was able to meet Matthew and his mom, Mary.  Matthew is a very talented artist and is inspired by some of my  photos here on the blog.  Next week, I will share some amazing news about him and this sketch that he did from one of my pictures of the Corolla Wild Horses. (Yes, I’m a bit teary-eyed in this photo taken in December.)

5.) The multi-year class reunion that I posted about a few weeks ago is this weekend. Let the memories begin. (No, I wouldn’t want to go back to that time, but I also wouldn’t mind being this wrinkle-free once again.)

What are your randoms today?

~These Days Of Mine~

Oh, The Memories

Next month, a multi-year class reunion for the school I attended is planned. I was asked to serve on the planning committee.  My main responsibilities were contacting the members of my class with the initial information a few months ago and determining if they would be interested in attending. For those who replied favorably, I recently sent out actual RSVP’s.  It looks to be a well-attended event.

The reunion is being held in a building where many of us attended school. It was built in the early 1900’s and now serves as a town hall.

The planning committee met at the school a couple of weeks ago.

I attended school here for my 8th, 9th and 10th grades. As I walked up the sidewalk toward the front door, my first memory was that of taking PE (actually just doing calisthenics) in the front yard.

Stepping inside the building (for the first time since 1969), I was immediately struck by how much smaller the hallway seemed….same for the auditorium.

In those days, it seemed massive….now, it’s just a large room.

We were allowed to “tour” the entire building, although much of it is unused at this time.  Each room brought back memories.

Mr. Brown was my history teacher in this room, now being used for storage.

This was the classroom where I took French with Mrs. Seward.  “Tres bien” (very good) was a phrase we always loved to hear her say.

There were several classrooms in the basement, which we nicknamed “the dungeon”.  As you can see, the basement has not been renovated. This was the room where I took home ec. My main memory of that class was sewing a zipper in a dress for an exam. I sewed the front and back of the bodice together…..oops.

Stepping in the library brought back immediate memories of study halls. It’s been renovated since our school days and is now a much more open space.

One day, I fell down the bottom three or four steps of the staircase to the right.  I wasn’t injured, but the hallway (much “larger” then, remember) was full of other students. When I landed on the floor, I thought: “If I just lie here for a few minutes, perhaps they’ll think I’m hurt and they won’t laugh quite as much.”

But perhaps this next picture was my favorite from that evening. This is the upstairs hallway, looking toward the front of the school.  The little red building you can see through the windows is actually across the street.  It was our “lunchroom”, which consisted of snacks, candy, soft drinks….and Stewart Sandwiches.

We enjoyed walking through the building with others on the committee and sharing our memories of the different rooms.

There’ll be folks at the reunion we haven’t seen in years, music from that era, food, pictures and lots of memories shared.  It should be a fun evening.

~These Days Of Mine~

**th Class Reunion

This year brought one of those “monumental” anniversaries of my high school graduation.  Since we hadn’t gotten together as a class since our tenth reunion, a couple of us decided to plan a gathering to mark this occasion.

I’m guessing that somewhere in this post, I’ll slip and say which class reunion this was. Maybe.

There were 23 in my graduating class, and I contacted all but two of our classmates. Ten were able to attend the reunion Saturday evening.  We met for dinner at a local restaurant, and then everyone came to our house to spend more time visiting.

We looked over old yearbooks.

We had a few laughs.

Motor Man chatted with my classmates.

Sundae supervised every game of pool that was played. (And miraculously wasn’t stepped on once.)

By the way, the guy playing pool in that picture? His name is Dan, and he was my date for the senior prom. He was a year older than me and had already graduated. But we had grown up riding the same school bus and attending the same church, so he agreed to be my date for the prom.

Yes, folks, those were the days of bouffant hair-dos and wrist corsages for special occasions.

Dan went on to marry Diane, one of my classmates. While were were looking at yearbooks Saturday night, I brought out this old prom photo, and we decided to re-enact it (minus the hairdo and corsage). But, this time, we included Dan’s wife. And, as you can see, there’s Sundae, not missing a thing.

Oddly enough, the boys in our class always sat on one side of the room, and the girls sat on the other; even in our senior home room class. We re-enacted that too.

And then we ate cake.

Oops. Told you I’d slip.