Daily Archives: March 28, 2018

A Sunday Drive

Sunday, Motor Man and I took advantage of a pretty day to go for an afternoon drive to the neighboring county of Surry. The temps were still chilly, but the sky was a gorgeous blue with fluffy white clouds: the kind of day that’s made for taking pictures.

We “sorta” had something in mind that we were in search of, but never actually found it. We did end up on roads that just may have been previously untraveled by either of us.

But, after all these years, we still enjoy spending time with each other, so it was a fun drive.

As we passed through one tiny village, we noticed a few riders and horses at a small, newly opened drive ride-up “restaurant”. Motor Man immediately pulled into the parking lot, knowing that I would want to take pictures.

I think the riders were a bit leery of a stranger coming up and asking permission to take photos of their horses, but they agreed. It so happened that one of the women and I have mutual friends.

This was my favorite picture of the day.

I submitted that to our local paper, and they must have liked it, too; it was featured in yesterday’s edition.

You just never know what you’ll happen upon on a Sunday drive.

~These Days Of Mine~