For “My” Horses

When I began blogging nearly eight years ago, I had no idea how many new friendships would result. Although we haven’t met in person YET,  one of those newfound friends is Beth Ann, whose blog is It’s Just Life.  And meeting in person one day is in our plans.

Beth Ann does something really unique with her blog.  Each month, she selects a charity and posts about it on the first day of the month.  THEN, for each comment left on her blog posts throughout the entire month, she and her husband donate 50-cents to that charity.

And…..I am SO happy to announce that, for the month of June, Beth Ann has chosen:


If you know me or have followed my blog for any length of time, you know just how special the CWHF is to me. There are some dedicated folks involved in that organization, and their sole purpose is to care for the wild horses of the Corolla/Carova area.

Just last week, a foal had to be removed from the herd after being attacked by a stallion (not his sire).  He’s been named Chris, in honor of the deputy who stayed with him until the CWHF folks could arrive on the scene. Chris, the foal, is now being cared for at their rescue facility, and requires round-the-clock attention. He has a surrogate “mom”, but prefers milk supplement from a bucket (!), and he has wounds that need special attention.  Please send special thoughts for baby Chris to make a full recovery.

I am so excited that Beth Ann has chosen this charity for her Comments For A Cause this month. She hasn’t yet visited Corolla, but as a faithful reader of my blog has been subjected to my many posts about the horses.  And I guess you could say she’s fallen in love with them too.

And I’m also happy to announce that my very special Motor Man said: “Tell Beth Ann that we will match whatever donation she and her husband make to the CWHF at the end of the month”.

So, readers, please visit It’s Just Life, and comment often.

Thank you so much, Beth Ann, for choosing CWHF for your Comments For A Cause charity this month. We can’t wait for you and your Chris (Mr. Diamond), to visit the Outer Banks, so we can take you both on a horse tour.

~These Days Of Mine~


12 responses to “For “My” Horses

  1. What a wonderful idea and gesture for ‘your’ wild horses that Beth Ann has….And for Motor Man to match. That bucket worked for feeding calves when I was growing up. You’d have a cow that rejected her calf. Such fun! Hope Chris is on his own soon.

  2. I am thrilled to highlight this great organization. Honestly I don’t know why it took me so long. I guess because I was holding out on my actual visit but since that has been delayed time and time again I just decided it was way past time. Thank YOU for all the great info and pictures and the love that you share with these special horses. And a big thank you to Motor Man for his matching gift! We are going to have an amazing month! ❤

  3. How kind.i love that idea

  4. How wonderful of you and MM to match the donations Beth Ann is making to the Fund. I just visited and commented. Happy to hear that little Chris is doing better but he has a lot to recover from – but he’s a little fighter and has round the clock care so I’m sure he will have a long and happy life thanks to the deputy who found him.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  5. I posted a comment, but do not see it, so I will post another – I enjoyed reading your blogpost today – and so appreciate your choosing the Wild Horses of Corolla Fund for your charity this month. I attended school with Dianna from first thru fifth grade – and we reconnected a few years ago on FB.

  6. looks like I posted this on the wrong blog – will try again!

  7. This is so cool ….
    I always love seeing the horse photos.. you definitely have the eye !
    I went on over and left a comment !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful thing for Beth too do. I know it will go well.

  9. What a great idea. . . and it’s wonderful to hear that she selected the Corolla Wild Horse Fund for June.

  10. Thanks to Beth Ann! And thanks to you for sharing your stories and beautiful horses with us. Thanks to Motor Man, too, I just saw where he’ll be matching the funds. I’d better get over to It’s Just Life and start commenting!

  11. Wow, this is great! Beth Ann has such a big heart for good causes and this one is perfect. You have to be doing a happy dance, Dianna. 🙂 And yay to Motor Man for suggesting a match for the donations.

  12. You are doing AMAZING things!! I am so inspired

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