Daily Archives: July 6, 2018

The “Shearing” Of Snugg

Marshall now has four kitties, and he texts photos of them to me quite often (which I love).

Recently, he sent this one.

This photo definitely needs a little explanation.  The orange kitty is Snugg.  And, let’s just say that Snugg had some extra fur. So this was the result of an extensive combing, not really “shearing” as my title states. But “The Combing Of Snugg” just didn’t have the same ring.

What Marshall and I think is so funny is, not only is Snugg looking over his shoulder as if to say: “ALL that came off of me?! No wonder I was hot!”, but his sister, Chessie, also seems to be looking at that pile of fur in disbelief.

Needless to say, Snugg is now enjoying these hot summer days much more than before.

~These Days Of Mine~