Cell Phone Camera To The Rescue

Monday, at the end of a day which included an inch and a half of rain, the sun “came out in time to set” (one of my Mom’s sayings).

I grabbed the camera and headed out to get pictures of the sunset. Motor Man doesn’t like me to go out in the yard without my cell phone (just in case I need him), so that was in my hip pocket.

I took a few pictures with the camera, then decided to take one with my cell phone, so I could share it with Marshall and my friend, Donna.

One section of the sky (upper left) had a small area that was an unusual pale aqua color. I tried to capture it, but it was impossible.

A few minutes later, this reflection caught my eye. It reminds me of buildings in a city scape.

When I came back inside, I was going to show the pictures on the camera to Motor Man. It was then that I saw the message that there was no memory card inserted.  The chip was there….it just wasn’t inserted far enough. So…no pics on the camera.

But that amazing little cell phone, in a very small way, came through for me. It’s hard to imagine our lives with them, isn’t it?

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Cell Phone Camera To The Rescue

  1. AMAZING pics from your cell phone! I know we’ve complained about SO MUCH rain during the past two weeks, but we’ve had some beautiful sky scenes. And this morning – I see the SUN!!! Don’t know for how long, but that bright sky is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the beauty in this the weather pattern.

  2. Great photos……as for cell phones, honestly I don’t miss having a phone with me all the time. That’s how “old-fashioned” I am I think….but I’m glad people who can take pretty photos keep one handy so those us who aren’t attached to our phones can enjoy life through their eyes!


  3. Wow, your cell takes WAY better photos than mine! Of course, my cell is ancient so I’m still living in the dark ages as far as smart phones go. Anyway, the photos are just splendid!

  4. It definitely came to the rescue this time ! I’m glad you were able to get these.. they’re impressive shots… the tree silhouette is great.. I didn’t know there was a city right across the river ……

  5. Those are amazing photos. I remember my cell phone camera in 2009 was horrible. They have come a long way in nine years.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Cell phone or not amazing shots, Dianna. Chuck always likes us to have our cell phones with us too, when we are apart, even in the yard.

  7. Those are fantastic shots Dianna!

  8. Still beautiful. I leave my card in the laptop half the time.

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