Sad, Scary Storm

Last Friday, Motor Man and I took a day trip to Salisbury, Maryland. We did some shopping, some antiquing and stopped for dinner in Cape Charles.

As we approached the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on our way home, we noticed signs showing that the maximum safe speed limit was 35, and wondered why that was so. As we were paying our toll, we learned that a severe storm was quickly approaching.

We left the toll plaza, and as we drove toward the bridge tunnel, the weather was beginning to deteriorate. To our left were storm clouds, but to the right, the sun was still shining, and there was a rainbow.

Lightning was flashing all around us, the wind began gusting, and soon the rain started. Neither of us could ever recall being in rain that heavy.  Everyone (including us) began pulling over to the shoulder of the highway.  There were vehicles just in front of us that aren’t even visible in this picture.

After a few minutes, the rain eased up somewhat, and we slowly began our journey across the bridge-tunnel.

Everyone was driving sensibly and obeying the 35 mph speed limit. But I must say, I was relieved when we emerged from the second tunnel to find that conditions were much improved.

The time that I took that above photo is shown to be 6:14.  We later learned that at 6:30, a 911 call came in that a tractor trailer was involved in an accident with another vehicle on the bridge. And that tractor trailer went through the guard rail and into the water. The bodies of the driver and a passenger have been recovered.

And yes, there was a synchronicity involved. On our way across the bridge-tunnel Friday morning, Motor Man made the comment that it had been a long time since a vehicle had gone off the bridge. Although the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel provides beautiful scenery, it makes me a bit anxious to travel across it. So I replied: “Let’s not even talk about that.”

We are so thankful for our safe travels and that we were spared any involvement in this horrible accident. Our hearts go out to the families of those two young men who lost their lives.

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12 responses to “Sad, Scary Storm

  1. The pictures are positively terrifying of that storm and I am so grateful you guys made it home safe and sound. Thinking of the families of the two that lost their lives – how very sad.

  2. That was a very sad incident on the bridge……so glad you were safe – it was quite a storm cell that passed – so dangerous.


  3. So sorry to hear of lives lost in this awful, sudden storm. Glad you are OK though. I would have been terrified.

  4. Yes – a terrible storm and outcome. So glad you’re safely home. It is a beautiful bridge and scenery.

  5. We drove across the upper Bay Bridge on Friday and fortunately had no problems. Storms were forecast and I commented that I would not like crossing either bridge during a storm. Scary and tragic.

    We spent the night in Easton (a really nice town!) and went to the art show Saturday morning in the rain. Went on to Ocean City that afternoon and despite forecasts of more rain, the weather improved. BTW, we had lunch at Bob Evans in Salisbury.

  6. So pleased that you avoided the terrible accident and sad that others lost their lives. The power of nature is awe inspiring and terrible.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    This accident was so sad but I thank our Lord you and JR are safe. ❤

  8. You never do know ….
    Awesome pics !

  9. I just hate driving in those kind of rain storms when you can’t see a thing but to be driving across that particular bridge had to be terrifying. That bridge (although I’ve only been through/on it a couple of times) scares the heck out of me on a clear, non-stormy day! So sad that people lost their lives there, but I am grateful you and MM made it across safely.

  10. Yikes! That was a harrowing experience.

  11. I get stressed going over the Varina Narrows Bridge or the Potomac Bridge. into maryland. So glad ypou made it safely

  12. That’s not a good place to be in a storm like that! Glad you made it home safely. Sad for the lives lost that day.

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