Love In A Sunflower Field

Our little town is quite an interesting and fun place to live. During the summer, there are weekly Farmers Markets, Friday night concerts, monthly Pickers Markets, not to mention special events throughout the year.

This summer, something new was added to a field near our local park. A farmer, rather than planting the usual crops there that would require the spraying of chemicals, planted a huge spread of sunflowers, his late mother’s favorite flower.

It’s impossible to capture the entire field, but just imagine sunflowers as far as the eye can see.

It has become a very popular attraction. I can’t imagine how many photos have been taken. Folks park along the off-the-beaten-path street and walk the short distance to become lost in sunflowers.

For some reason, my mom never really cared for them, but they’ve recently become one of my favorites. Sadly, deer love them, too, so growing them in our yard is a challenge nearly impossible.

Earlier this week, Motor Man and I took the camera and our handy tripod, and joined the many folks to have had their picture taken there.

This is the pose you get when you have to run through sunflower stalks to beat the timer on the camera. (Yes, I have a remote shutter, but have never taken the time to learn how to use it.)

We took lots of shots, but this was my favorite.

“I love you more than all the bees in a sunflower field.”  (unknown)

* Next week, I’m taking a blogging break: my next post is planned for August 20.

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11 responses to “Love In A Sunflower Field

  1. I’ve always loved sunflowers because they seem like they are HAPPY all the time…..funny what goes through your head but they just BEAM happiness. You and JR took advantage of that in the field of “happy” ! Enjoy your blogging break.


  2. beautiful setting, and what a great shot of the two of you )

  3. I love their happy faces. I remember the tall sunflowers that were always in my grandparents’ gardens when I was a child. And since we lived in the Sunflower State of Kansas, my oldest daughter adopted them as her favorite flower for all time. Hubby plants a few in our garden every year too and we save the seeds for the birds. The photos of you and MM are wonderful! Enjoy your little break! See you soon.

  4. Wonderful – just oozing sunshine and fun

  5. What a glorious sentiment to his mother. I don’t know how, but a sunflower seed managed to find its way in my back yard, all by its lonesome, perhaps a bird… and I almost pulled it as a weed when it was small. But it looked different. Now it’s got a big smiling happy flower and brightens up the whole area, standing taller than the herbs and just beaming. I can only imagine how spectacular a big field of them would be! Now I’m going to have to make sure I have at least one in the summer sun each year.

  6. Great pics !! The deer do love them, and the birds do, too … always fun to watch ’em !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You and JR are in my happy place for sure!!! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. That is am extremely beautiful picture!

  9. How wonderful!! I love the pictures of the two of you. We saw gorgeous sunflower fields in Provence. They always make me happy.

  10. That is a BEAUTIFUL field. Every time I ride by the field, there are at least 2 vehicles there enjoying the Sunflowers. A perfect picture of the two of you. We do have a great town! Enjoy your blogging break – we’ll miss you!

  11. Such lovely and beautiful photos.! ❤ 🙂

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