While We Wait….

….for (Hurricane) Florence to decide exactly what she’s going to do later in the week, Motor Man and I took a trip to the Outer Banks yesterday to visit “my” wild horses.

Although we had 5 inches of rain at home on Saturday, the Outer Banks was apparently spared that amount of rain.  For the past several weeks, we’ve had to dodge huge mud holes at the beach, but yesterday, things were fairly dry.

Florence will most likely change that.

But, yesterday was beautiful.

The ocean was a little rough, but nothing compared to what it will probably be in a few days.

Although it’s scary to think of the horses enduring a hurricane, they’ll be fine. They instinctively know to head for the “sound” side and hide out in the brush until the storm has passed. Obviously, they weren’t a bit concerned as of yesterday.

Unlike some of us, who are watching and waiting for the latest updates.

If you’re a new follower to the blog, we live in southeast Virginia, not directly on the coast, but not really that far from it.  I’ll let you know Wednesday what the latest “guess” is on Florence’s projected path.

~These Days Of Mine~


11 responses to “While We Wait….

  1. Waiting is always tough……so we’ll all just hope for the best because it’s what we do. I’m glad you visited the beach this weekend though – considering the damage storms do to the beaches it may be a while! It sounds like the entire East Coast is preparing though which is all we can do. The surf does look churned up in the photos but the horses seem to be saying “we can handle it” !


  2. Beautiful photos. And beautiful day. Not so much here.

  3. The pictures of the horses by the ocean are tunning. Stay safe.

  4. It’s been raining here for three days solid. I’m waiting for the sun to shine again. I hope everyone stays safe down your way.

  5. Yep.. I suppose we’re all just bracing ..
    Great photos !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am glad you went to the beach before the storm. Pictures are wonderful. Stay safe.

  7. Beautiful pre-storm pictures of ‘your’ horses. And powerful ocean pics. Praying the storm defies predictions and dies out at sea.

  8. They are enjoying the calm before the storm. Animal instincts are pretty wonderful and they do know how to take care of themselves more than we give them credit for. Stay safe and thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures.

  9. Beautiful pics of the horses! I hope you all weather the storm safely. My thoughts are with you!

  10. Hello Diana. I was a friend of your sister’s on the knitting forum, and have been following you for a while now. I wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts with the hurricane coming. Be safe. I look forward to seeing your post after the hurricane is gone.

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