Make Your Voice Heard

Now, doesn’t that sound official?

As I mentioned recently,  it seems that writing my blog sometimes seems like homework “these days”.  I’m contemplating perhaps going to no schedule and just posting at will.

So I thought I’d conduct a little poll, my first ever, I believe. If you would, please select what subject you like to see MOST here on the blog.


Hopefully this will give me the little push I need, so that blogging will be more fun than “work”. Writing is easy: it’s the subject matter that’s tough.

Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion.

~These Days Of Mine~



11 responses to “Make Your Voice Heard

  1. Whatever you write about will be wonderful. And if it seems like a struggle don’t stress! Just write when you want to. This should be fun for you and if it is losing that feeling it might be time to just scale it back for awhile. Just my humble opinion. I will miss you if you go away! So just do what feels right! Love all your posts so anything is fine and dandy with me!

  2. I enjoy all of your posts all the time and I bet all of your readers will say the same. Maybe you just need a little break — I know I sure do from time to time. I agree with Beth Ann, “just do what feels right.” We’ll support you no matter what! 🙂

  3. Sometimes I think I’m nuts doing a daily blog…’s a lot to keep up with – blogging whenever I feel like it would be nice though. What’s important is to balance things I think – social media/daily living – attaching ourselves to a computer or phone or whatever keeps us out of the loop of all the other possibilities too! You should do what’s right for you….and blog about what you enjoy blogging about – we build our audiences by putting something out “there” that people enjoy. You’ve done that!! 🙂


  4. Please keep writing your posts, I enjoy all of the subjects you write about and the wonderful pictures. I feel cheerful when I read your blog. Thank you.

  5. I love your posts. I don’t have a schedule, I just write a post whenever I feel like it. I try to post at least once a week but that doesn’t always happen. It should be enjoyable.

  6. I took part in the poll but I had a hard time choosing just one subject . I really enjoy all your posts, and the frequency of them doesn’t bother me.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You know what out a doubt I love your blogging. I agree with most do what is good for you, time and subject wise. Just not leave us. You and your blog are very special to me. ❤

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sorry should be with out a doubt.

  9. Adventures, Sentimental stuff… yet I chose “Other” because I didn’t find a spot for the sweet things that happen in your back yard that show a little bit of precious and naughty nature… the flower that unexpectedly thrives, the nibbling deer, hummingbirds and all. It was a search I did years ago for wild horses that brought me to your wonderful blog. I could never tire of seeing and hearing about them. I also almost chose the “Our Kitties” box too. Adore their photos and posts. Too tough to choose simply because anything you write about is a joy and inspiration, engaging education, to read. So even if you don’t write often, it will be a special treat to get a surprise blog post in my inbox. ❤

  10. It’s always nice to read whatever you put out there. I’m enjoying my break so much, I haven’t been back to blog. I haven’t closed it yet, just giving it some space.

  11. I didn’t want to choose just one. I LOVE the variety and your style.

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