Random Five Friday

It seems like a nice day for five random thoughts:

1.) The weather is finally beginning to feel like fall.  Although it will soon be a hassle to bundle up every time we step outside, it’s nice to wear a lightweight sweater right now.

2.) Some of summer’s flowers are still in bloom, including this giant zinnia. It’s MUCH taller than me (which isn’t saying much).

3.) My orchid cactus is brightening this little corner of its world our kitchen. It was a tiny cutting when I bought it from a nearby greenhouse/nursery a few years ago. It thrives on very little attention, which seems to be a good working arrangement for both of us.

4.) I apologize for boring those of my Facebook friends who also follow the blog with repeat photos. This one was taken on a recent trip to the Outer Banks.

5.) And, finally, a tip of the hat (her hat, by the way) to wish my dear friend, Donna, a very Happy Birthday tomorrow.  More about that in a post next week.

Have a great weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~



8 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Have a randomly perfect Friday celebrating with Donna for her birthday! Please tell her I wish her a HAPPY one! Your zinnia went nuts this year……nice to still have some color in the yard…………….


  2. Love this colorful post!! Flowers this time of year so intense!!! Thank you for the birthday wish.Love the silly pic of you and I. Good weekend!😉

  3. .. I’m ready for fall, too ..
    Great pics! So cool how the foliage on the mailbox & the tree on the right give the feeling of an archway in the 1st pic ; )
    Happy Birthday, Donna !! 🎂

  4. You know I love your randoms and this one is no exception!

  5. It’s nice to find flowering blossoms this time of year. That zinnia earns a blue ribbon! I’ve never seen an orchid cactus–quite impressive. And that GBH! Nice shot. Happy birthday to Donna!

  6. Cathy Treadwell

    Beautiful view!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love your garden flag and pumpkin . The picture of you and Donna is so cute.

  8. A GREAT Random Five. You definitely have a green thumb. Your flowers are beautiful. Happy Birthday, Donna!

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