Adventures In Cape Charles, Part II

Today’s post is continued from Monday and is jam-packed with fun times from our trip to Cape Charles.

Following our dinner Friday evening, and while taking photos at the marina, we noticed a sundog.  We would see several between that time and sunset. This looks a little like a fish, don’t you agree?  Very appropriate.

There was a pier leading to a gazebo at the beach near our hotel. We decided it would be the perfect place to watch the sunset. And our personal photographer, Donna, was once again hard at work.  Although that appears to be the sunset behind us, it’s actually more sundogs. The sun was setting further to the left.

And a beautiful sunset it was, well worth braving the cool temps and brisk winds. The sky was amazing.

Once we got back to the hotel (and thawed out), Donna and I had a mini-pajama party. We brought our witch hats along on the trip, hoping to find a fall/Halloween display that would be a nice backdrop for a picture. The pajama party turned out to be our only option.

And, then, as so often happens, a cute boy crashed our pajama party!  So I kissed him.

Saturday morning, the three of us had breakfast in the hotel’s beautiful dining room.  Donna opened the first and smallest of her birthday gift bags. She loves scented soaps in decorative packaging, so one was a tiny Halloween themed soap. The other is Bourbon-Pumpkin scented body lotion.  (Did you notice the tear in her eye?)

The weather was cool and somewhat rainy, so Motor Man drove us to a nearby antique mall for a little shopping.

After lunch, we explored more of the Eastern Shore. During Motor Man’s late teens/early twenties, he did quite a bit of fishing in the Chesapeake Bay in that area . He recalls the Cobb Island Coast Guard Station located on a nearby island, and had heard that it had since been moved inland. With directions from locals, we found its new location. It’s been renovated and is for sale, but sadly, a long lane with a gate at the highway prevented us from seeing it. It’s now near the tiny fishing village of Oyster, Va.

Motor Man and I really enjoyed the trip, and I’m thinking that Donna just may have, too. It was fun celebrating her birthday with her. Wishing you many, many more, my friend.

~These Days Of Mine~




8 responses to “Adventures In Cape Charles, Part II

  1. What a wonderful birthday you and Motor Man gave Donna…..I know she will always remember that. Celebrating with special friends is always fun. Beautiful photos. So happy you three had fun.


  2. I LOVE, LOVE, your trip – feels like I went along after reading your posts. I KNOW it was SPECIAL for Donna too.

  3. Well darn. I have tears in my eyes again just reading about our Eastern Shore adventure. Just every mile, every shop, every time you turned, something interesting (or funny) Riding along shore, saw random piles of large conch shells!? Saw a station looked like hydroponic system used to rinse clams and oysters. Lighthouse themes everywhere, but dont think we actually saw one. I love it when a boy crashes an all girl pajama party, and handsome to boot!😊 I loved every minute of our Eastern Shore adventure with marvelous hosts!! Thanks Dianna and Motor Man for treating me like Queen for a Day-all weekend!!

  4. Your friend Donna is one blessed lady to have such a sweet friend and “cute boy” to chauffeur you girls around. Looks like you had so much fun!!

  5. Jam packed is right ! A sunset, witch pj party, & bourbon pumpkin anything sounds like fall / halloween !

  6. So glad you enjoyed your trip. Late fall is still a good time to be out and about. Love the pumpkin soap 😀

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Second part just as grand as the first!! Wonderful birthday weekend with good friends. What a gift for all involved!! Love you guys and all the fun you have together!! ❤

  8. Great pics and looks like so much fun! Love being able to vicariously participate in all your adventures!! ♥♥

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