Daily Archives: February 4, 2019

Scenery Along The Way To……

…our anniversary celebration! As mentioned in Friday’s post, Motor Man and I celebrated an anniversary Saturday.  So we took a little trip, and I’ll tell you where in Wednesday’s post.

But, today, I’m sharing some photos of the scenery along the way to our destination.

The fog at sunrise gave us many opportunities for photos. You may recall that I love old barns. I miss the old blog meme “Barn Charm”, where we shared a photo of a barn each week.

Growing up across the highway from a dairy farm makes cows somewhat special to me. (Whenever I’m taking a picture of cows and strangers are around, I laugh when I realize they’re probably thinking I’ve never seen cows before…)

Contrails at sunrise always add a little something extra to a picture.

The fog changed so quickly, we could almost see it happening right before our eyes.

The sun rising over an old barn: what’s not to love?

And later in the day, we drove by this sweet old church.  Can you imagine all that those walls have seen through the years:  the sound of those beautiful old hymns, the joy of weddings, baptisms and souls saved? And, sadly, the funerals, too.

And even later in the day, another gorgeous old barn, this one with a blue-sky background.

So, obviously, we went somewhere COLD for our anniversary. Some of my readers already know where, and others are probably able to guess how we celebrated.

Tune in Wednesday!

~These Days Of Mine~