Daily Archives: May 31, 2019

Me And Mrs…..Mrs. Wren

We got a thing goin’ on

My favorite hanging plants for our front porch are ivy-leaf geraniums.

Not long after I purchased these and put them in place a few weeks ago, I disturbed a tiny bird one day when I took this one down to water it.

And, boy, did I get a scolding. From Mrs. Wren.

I have attempted to water the plant from the opposite side as her nest, but I always seem to forget which side she has occupied. (Note to self: mark the flowerpot.)

So while I had the plant off the hanger (and Mrs. Wren was a few feet away, giving me “what for”), I snapped a quick picture. It isn’t very good, but there appear to be several tiny eggs in her little cylindrical nest.

So… although I didn’t spend nearly $30 for a plant for Mrs. Wren’s summer home,  I’m going to do everything possible in the future to keep from disturbing her.

~These Days Of Mine~