Daily Archives: June 12, 2019

The Birthday Finale

Oh, I heard that collective sigh of relief.

Motor Man, Marshall and I had dinner at Texas Roadhouse the evening of my birthday.

You know how some restaurants make a big deal of your birthday?  How they gather all the servers together and clap and yell and sing to you?  Well, Motor Man was intent on that happening and let our server know right away that it was my birthday.

We eat at this restaurant quite often, and our server that night (A.B.) was more than ready to help us celebrate.

And Motor Man made sure there was a video of it so I could share  with my readers.


So there you have it. By the way, there were three other folks celebrating their birthday there that evening.

My birthday was really a fun time this year, not only the concert, Black Bear Festival, hot air balloon ride, but also several meals with friends and relatives, nice gifts and many cards.

It’s wonderful to be so loved.


~These Days Of Mine~