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Birthday, Part One

Beginning several years ago, I decided that birthdays should be celebrated longer than just one day. I mean, really, if we have to grow older, there should be some advantages other than Medicare and senior discounts.

So my birthday celebration for this year began last Friday. Motor Man and I headed to Roanoke Rapids, NC for a Sawyer Brown concert. Since that’s about an hour and a half from home, we booked a hotel room, so we wouldn’t be driving home so late.

We checked into our hotel, relaxed for a while, then Motor Man suggested that we get to the venue early in order to get as close a parking spot as possible. There was a threat for bad weather later in the evening.

After finding a parking place, we sat and chatted, and Motor Man casually asked if I had our tickets. “Yep, right here in my wallet”,  I replied. Well, no….they were NOT in my wallet. And nowhere in my purse.  At Motor Man’s suggestion, I headed into the arena, knowing there was nothing that could be done.

Up to the box office window, I carried my trembling self, and, almost in tears, told the lady that I didn’t have my tickets. In her sweet Carolina drawl, she said: “Well, honey, I can just reprint them for you!”. She asked my name and address, and in less than a minute, I was holding our tickets. …our 2nd row tickets, mind you.  Yes, relieved was the word.

We also had passes for the Meet and Greet prior to the show.  And, let’s just say that we missed the call for THAT. (Long story, but there were so many people in the lobby, we just didn’t hear the man when he called for those with passes to assemble.) Are you seeing a pattern here?  So, once again, I took my trembling self over to the merchandise table to ask if we had indeed missed Meet and Greet. And was told that yes,  we had. But, the band’s staff member pulled some strings and told us to come with him.  (Keep in mind, this is about 30 minutes before showtime.)

Two of the band members, “Hobie” Hubbard and Mark Miller, came out of the tour bus and had pictures taken with Motor Man and me.

Now, THAT’S customer service.

We had a wonderful time at the show. The policy is no flash photos, so I didn’t get great pics. But this shows just how close we were to the stage.

The band was performing their final song of the night, when, suddenly and without any warning, everything went dark.  That “possible” severe weather had arrived.

The emergency power came on in a few minutes, and Mark asked everyone to sing along on the chorus of “Some Girls Do”. It was a great way to end the show.

And I still haven’t found those original tickets…

~These Days Of Mine~