Don’t Stop Playing

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old:
we grow old because we stop playing.”

Isn’t that a fun quote? It’s been a favorite of mine for quite some time, but until I I “Googled” it while writing this post, I didn’t realize that credit for it is given to George Bernard Shaw.

Motor Man and I did a little playing this past weekend. We went on a hayride. Through a sunflower field. To a pumpkin patch.

The wagon was pulled by a 1957 Farmall tractor. Our driver (and owner of the farm market offering the rides) told us that it was his dad’s first tractor.

And that he learned to drive it when he was 10 years old.

Don’t you just love stories like that?

See, I told you Motor Man and I spent some of the weekend playing.

Included in our ride was a free pumpkin for each of us.  This is Motor Man with his.

In order to get that picture of him, I had to lean back on the wagon.  That, in turn, inspired him to take this picture.  (More playing…)

I’m not sure that playing will actually keep us from growing old(er), but we sure are having fun trying out the concept.

~These Days Of Mine~





8 responses to “Don’t Stop Playing

  1. Looks like a Fall Fun day!! Love that it was his dad’s tractor
    Now let’s see your artistic endeavors with the pumpkins–paint or carve??

  2. so true – and what a playful day –

  3. LOVE the quote! LOVE the tractor! LOVE the poses!!! The tractor sure brought good memories to mind. Dad had Farmall tractors, and they are the ones that I learned to drive on. When he retired he, restored many Farmalls. AWWWW!!!

  4. Autumn has made it to TheseDays !! Don’t stop playing !

  5. Trips to the pumpkin patch are always great fun! We have a nice farm nearby that offers all the aspects (and more) that you and Motor Man enjoyed. We try to make it there every year and last year we went back there to get our Christmas tree too. Playing keeps us young at heart!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Playing and having fun no matter what age has to be good for us in many ways. Love seeing the cute pictures.

  7. It’s almost impossible not to have fun when pumpkins are involved !

  8. You two will never be “old”……we get old when we THINK that we are and not until then!!


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