Rainy, Sunny Sunday

Motor Man and I hadn’t been to the Outer Banks for a few weeks, so even though yesterday’s weather forecast was iffy, we took a chance.

And we had a very interesting day.  First we had menacing clouds over the ocean.

But, then we had some blue sky.  There would be rain, then some sun, then rain again, then sun again.

We saw fourteen horses. Not a huge number, but not too shabby for this time of year.

Something had this handsome guy’s attention.

And, after a very changeable weather day, we came home to this amazing sunset.

The weather: it was a-changing…all day.

~These Days Of Mine~



5 responses to “Rainy, Sunny Sunday

  1. The menacing clouds over the ocean are magnificent….and your sunset at home – WOW!!! From the looks of all your pics, you had an amazing day for a trip to ‘your horse country’.

  2. Y’all definitely experienced a little bit of everything.. and even managed to get some horses in .. love that first pic.. & who knew the end of the day would bring a sight like that one ?!

  3. Looks like you two were ‘adjusting your sails’ all day long. But you got some great photos!

  4. Well at least you got to see your beach and your horses – rain or shine I’m sure you two have fun no matter what!


  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The weather is a changing but makes for lovely pictures.

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