Oh, Those Sweet Memories

When Marshall was a baby, he was so good about taking naps.  I loved to hear him stirring after he awoke, and go in his room to see this:

At one point, we added this Fisher Price activity center to his crib. Then when he woke up from a nap, I heard the sounds made as he turned and pushed the various buttons and knobs.

Last weekend, while browsing at an antique mall in Williamsburg, I happened upon this for sale at one of the booths:

Oh my, did the memories come flooding back.

And, yes, I stood right there and turned, pushed, pressed, dialed, rang and spun every little gadget on that display.

And smiled the entire time.

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Oh, Those Sweet Memories

  1. I remember those “Activity Centers” – hours and hours of fun for little ones and – apparently – some Moms who look back and remember when……..glad you found that to go with the memories. Sweet…..


  2. Memories can be such a joy, and seeing that toy brought back some for me too.

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Indeed a sweet memory. I know you hold many memories in your heart for Marshall. Such a sweet baby and handsome man.

  4. What a WONDERFUL memory, and I LOVE the toga Marshall!!! So, so sweet. I can picture you smiling and pushing the buttons. Are sure there wasn’t a tender tear lingering?

  5. & then you sent me a pic & I remembered it .. honestly .. one of those deep-seated memories that feels different from all the others..

  6. Oh how sweet!! What a precious baby boy, and the toga, lol! That beautiful joyful smile. I played with Fisher Price activity centers too. I hope they’re still around, simple and fun play centers, no electronics, for young kids today.

  7. Oh, yes, those memories! We had one of those for our little ones in their cribs too. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can stir up such lovely thoughts??

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