Old Sites, New View

A few weeks ago, Motor Man spotted one of those tourist brochures at an antique mall in Williamsburg. It gave information about air tours available through Williamsburg Flight Center. One of the packages including flights over several of the historic properties along the James River.

We decided that would be our Christmas gift to each other. And Friday was the day.

Our ride was a 1968 Cessna Skyhawk.

Our pilot was Chris. After our flight, I asked him how old he is. 23. Twenty-three. (What’s the saying: “I have socks older than that…”?) By the way, not only is he an excellent pilot, he’s also a flight instructor. He’s also very knowledgeable about the area and those historic homes.

Although we flew over several historic homes, the one I was waiting for, of course, was Bacon’s Castle. Before our flight, we told Chris about my family connections there, so he circled the property a few times to be sure we got plenty of pictures. I was thrilled to see it from the air.

We also were able to get photos of the nearby old Brick Church ruins and cemetery. This is the final resting place for most of my ancestors.

Surry Nuclear Plant is located just a few miles from my home town of Bacon’s Castle and the two properties previously mentioned.  I watched the land being cleared and building begin on this project from the window of my school bus.

This is the ferry dock at Scotland (near the town of Surry). The Jamestown/Scotland ferry provides free transport across the James.

Although there was a little turbulence during our flight, we had confidence in our pilot, and the scenery was worth a few “bumps”.

Merry Christmas to us!

And thanks, Chris, for a safe, interesting flight.

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7 responses to “Old Sites, New View

  1. Oh WOW!!! What an amazing Christmas gift – I LOVE the gift of experience. Ya’ll sure find the best ones. Thanks for sharing the pics of local places that I’ve only ever seen from the ground. It looks like you were definitely in good hands.

  2. That was a wonderful experience for you I’m sure – Bacons Castle from the air and all the sights you know so well from a DIFFERENT perspective!


  3. That sounds and looks like it was a great gift to each other, so fun.

  4. That’s a great gift to each other ! Bacon’s Castle is looking good from the air, & I don’t think I’ve ever seen an aerial view of Brick Church ..

  5. Now THAT was some Christmas gift! So very special that you got to see “your” castle from the air. ❤

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great together Christmas gift. Your pictures were wonderful. Chris looked like he was the man for the job.

  7. Howdy Dianne. If the earth is flat, then why am I having such a ball? Love your content. I wanted you to know that my friend James and I in Eugene, Oregon read your blog frequently and really loved your ‘Corovavirus’ meme. Huge laughs from us out here on the West Coast! We love Southern Virginia!!! Sundae Says is our favorite little thingerydoo that you do! Anywho, I hope things are good with the family.

    44°35’19.6″N 111°04’40.3″W

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