Eight Years Of Wild Horses

That little “Memory” feature on Facebook is really nice. It’s fun to see what you’ve posted in past years on any given date.

Recently, my Facebook memories showed that our first ever horse “tour” was this week in 2012.  Our friends, Bev and Bill, took us to see the horses in Carova.  When we visited their beach house,  I had seen beautiful framed photos Bev had taken of the  horses on their previous trips.

Motor Man took this picture of me on that trip. As I recall, we saw seven horses that day. And I was hooked.

Fast forward to yesterday. Motor Man and I celebrated the eighth anniversary of going to see “my” wild horses. And this time, we saw 16.

They really have their winter woolies on right now. Just look at that thick coat. (Disclaimer: this picture was taken using a zoom lens. I wasn’t nearly as close as it appears.)

Nearby was this black beauty that I’m guessing is a stallion. I love the sunlight on his mane.  He was on alert, because he’d just heard a whinny from an as-yet-unseen horse.

Uh-oh, here comes double trouble.

I was able to capture a quick video, but I apologize for the quality. It’s just difficult to know where to aim the camera when horses are galloping and whinnying all around you. (It was so exciting, but I was hunkered down safe between my door and our vehicle.)

Here’s my take on the video:  the black stallion and five other horses had been happily minding their own business, when the other two came walking up the path. Now, as you can imagine, I’ve looked at this video several times. I LOVE the way the one comes running up to the scene. I’m guessing that’s a stallion, and I may be wrong, but the other one almost appears to be expecting a little one? The third horse to run by me was the black stallion, and you can see him going directly to his harem to protect them from possibly being stolen by the other stallion.


It was a wonderful day to celebrate eight years of wild horse sightings. Thanks, Bev: you two definitely started something (wonderful).

And thanks to my Motor Man for his patience while I take picture after picture after picture….. ALL. THESE. YEARS.

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Eight Years Of Wild Horses

  1. I love this retrospective, and thank you for these, Dianna

  2. I have never seen wild horses but I would love to someday. I agree that the Facebook memories are a nice feature. Recently it showed me a photo I posted ten years ago when we lived in South Carolina which brought back memories.

  3. Glad you had a nice “wildhorseaversay” yesterday. You MUST have the world’s largest collection of wild horse photos but also that you never tire of “just one more”. Looks like the horses gave you and MM some entertainment to go with the pretty day.


  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Happy 8th Anniversary!!! Love the video and pictures.

  5. You were right in the midst ! That’s a good way to celebrate an 8th anniversary … now … how many pictures have been taken during that time period ?? ; )

  6. I love how “your” horses performed for you on your 8th anniversary!!

  7. What a wonderful anniversary. We celebrate right on with you because you’ve taken us along for a wonderful ride and educated us on these amazing horses and Raymond! Kudos to Motor Man!!! We sure enjoyed our tour when you carried and shared your love of the wild horses with us.

  8. Ohh my goodness they are all so beautiful!!

  9. What I wouldn’t give to live in a country with wild horses. Fantastic. They’re stunning.

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