Poetic Thursday: Lend Me Your Comb

It’s Thursday again!  Time to join Pam and her boys, Teddy, and Angel Sammy for Poetic Thursday over at Two Spoiled Cats.

Here’s this week’s cute photo inspiration:

And this is my poem:

Lend Me Your Comb

It’s the first trip to the barber for this little guy.
Mommy’s so happy that he didn’t cry.

The barber is proud of the job that he’s done;
not all his young customers are this much fun.

But little man was good and had no fear
and seems pleased with what he sees in the mirror.

Maybe you’re never too young to learn,
so, look out world, there’s another “Kookie” Byrnes.

I apparently don’t have a picture of Marshall during his first haircut. He was three when this one was taken, obviously much older than the little boy in the ‘inspiration photo’. No tears, but the stylist looks much happier than Marshall.

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Lend Me Your Comb

  1. Norman Rockwell moments – both! You just filled me with nostalgia this morning. And did you know that “Kookie” Byrnes just passed away this month?

  2. That’s a cute photo of Marshall getting a trim…..Love your poem – I remember Kookie – I had a major crush on him back in the day.


  3. I loved the reference to Kookie, who died recently. Only us oldtimers are going to understand that one and remember 77 Sunset Strip.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Another good poem!! Love the ref: to Kookie and the pic of Marshall.

  5. ” I got smog in the noggin’, ever since you made the scene .. … baby, you’re the ginchiest .. ” ; ) I know it because he guest stars in a Married With Children episode ! great pic !

  6. Aw, that Marshall, such a cutie-pie. I enjoyed you poem very much.

  7. Great photos. Marshall was adorable. The pictures and poem work well together.

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