Once Again: Romance At The Castle

You may recall my posts from previous years about a Valentine’s event, Romance At The Castle, which is held at Bacon’s Castle. Guests enjoy wine and food samplings and a tour of the house.

This year’s event was held Saturday, and once again, I was asked to speak about my family’s history there at that beautiful old structure.

I have countless photos of Bacon’s Castle, but I rarely go there – or even drive by – that I don’t take another.

I do enjoy sharing the story of my grandparents moving into the “Castle house” in 1923, along with their 11 (at the time) children. And that their 12th child was born there two years later.

And that I was a guide there in 2000, then portrayed my grandmother during a ghost walk in 2010.

And that Marshall was a guide there for ten years and appeared in a PBS tv episode.

And that Motor Man and I were married there in 2002. We still have our picture taken together whenever we visit.

Motor Man videoed my speech, which I’m sharing. For those of you who’ve seen the previous videos, it’s basically the same every year, since, obviously, you can’t change history. I apologize for the low volume (we were trying to be discreet about filming.) Watching in full screen seems to help, for some reason.


We were happy that the event was well attended (sold out, in fact). It was a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend.

~These Days Of Mine~





7 responses to “Once Again: Romance At The Castle

  1. Good job! I know everyone enjoyed hearing a more “personal” side to the Castle’s history. Brings a place to life I think………


  2. what a wonderful event and wonderful personal connection

  3. So loved hearing your story again! Such a special place knowing your family lived there, you and Marshall being tour guides and the bonus that JR & you were married there♥ You did a great job!! Wonderful that JR captured it, thanks for sharing!

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I too never tire of this lovely personal story of your family. It looked like a lovely time.

  5. Never tire of this !! you look right ‘at home’ there … no surprise !!

  6. It’s such a neat thing that you get to do this event when it’s so dear and near to your heart. ❤

  7. I can’t wait to listen to it again. We were blessed to hear it in person before, and you do such a good a job. Your ancestors would be proud. You and Motor Man always look sweet in your photos.

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