Daily Archives: March 2, 2020

Delayed Celebration

You may recall my post from last month about our failed plans for a sleigh ride to celebrate our anniversary.

On Friday of last week, we learned that Snowshoe, the area where the sleigh rides are, had a 10-inch snowfall overnight Thursday. So my Motor Man, who has to be the most spontaneous person I know, decided we’d try for a sleigh ride this past weekend.

And this time, we were successful.  Although we saw no snow as we neared the ski resort, once we got there, there was SNOW. We were amazed at the view of the mountains. The flocked trees seemed to be highlighted.

We felt like we were right in the middle of a Christmas card setting.

It was nice to see Peggy and Skip, the owners of Autumn Breeze Stables again. (We had taken a sleigh ride with them last year.)

Just as last year, Flash would be the horse pulling our sleigh. He posed with us right on cue.

It was a chilly, but beautiful morning for a sleigh ride. Skip told us that within a few hours, the conditions wouldn’t be favorable for rides, as the temperatures were expected to rise well above freezing.

Skip took this video during our ride, and shared it on their Facebook page.


Celebrating in such a fun, beautiful way was definitely worth the wait.

~These Days Of Mine~