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Back In The Family

On Saturday, while practicing social distancing, Motor Man and I went to an antique shop to check on an item we saw posted for sale on their Facebook page.

As we walked across the parking lot to the front of the building, we spotted an old round oak table. I commented to Motor Man that, at one time, I wanted nothing more than a table like that. (And Marshall’s dad and I eventually purchased one.)  Motor Man commented: “My grandmother had one just like this”.

As we were paying for the item we purchased, we mentioned to the shop owners that we’d seen it on Facebook and told them where we lived. He said that he was going to be heading in our direction later in the day to check on an item for sale. When he told us where the seller was located, he used Motor Man’s parents’ former house as a landmark, not knowing at the time who we were.

We aren’t sure of the details of how it came to be there, but the old oak table for sale in front of his shop was the one from Motor Man’s parents’ kitchen.

Needless to say, we paused again as we walked back by that old table on the way to our vehicle.

And then…. I went back in the shop…. and bought it. For my Motor Man.

The old table in Motor Man’s parents’ kitchen

We learned the antique shop owners had just brought the table to their shop from the facility where they’d had it stored. That. Morning.

The old table, waiting for the Father’s Day celebration, 2013; and Pop waiting for the great grands to arrive

We weren’t driving our pickup, so the shop owners kindly offered to deliver it to us when they made the trip to our area later in the day.

And after a good scrubbing, it’s now in our kitchen.  Dinner last night was our first meal  served on it.

If this story sounds a bit familiar to my long-time readers, you’re probably remembering this very similar post from 2015.

We seem to have a knack for returning heirlooms to the family.

~These Days Of Mine~