Come, Gather ‘Round The Table

In Monday’s post, I mentioned that Motor Man and I attended an estate auction on Saturday because of one particular item that had belonged to my late Uncle Bennie and his wife, Doris.

That item was an old oak dining room table.

 I realize that the family connections may have been a bit confusing in Monday’s post, so I’ll simplify them as best I can:

Uncle Bennie was my mom’s brother
Aunt Doris’s mother was my dad’s sister

So, I’m thinking that, on one side or the other, that table has, most likely, been in my family for a long time.

I’ve been interested in old oak furniture for most of my adult life, and in the past, have had to save up to buy certain pieces. So I had resigned myself to the fact that I may have to pay dearly for this table.

As it turns out, apparently old oak has lost its favor with folks.  Only one other person bid against me, and I bought this sweet old table (with three leaves) for…….$40.

table1 10-20-2015 6-26-29 PM

I love the curved pieces at each end and the claw feet.

table end 10-19-2015 3-13-31 PM

Motor Man worked Monday replacing screws in the legs, I did a little cleaning, and we brought her home.

Previously we had an oak dining room table that we purchased at an antique shop several years ago.  It is now for sale (I hope someone still likes oak). This one is special to me and has so much more character.

I can just imagine all the fried chicken, country ham, mashed potatoes, homemade biscuits, pies….and blessings shared around this table.

table2 10-20-2015 6-26-57 PM

And I’m looking forward to it now being part of my family’s memories.

Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to be,
and bless these gifts bestowed by Thee.

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Come, Gather ‘Round The Table

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the clawed feet and curved wood. Can not believe you got that for just $40, but t
    hat was meant to be:) What a treasure knowing that it was either from your your mom’s or your dad’s families♥

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like it’s home. I am smiling from ear to ear knowing how much you appreciate and will enjoy your treasure. …And HELLO, what’s up with oak falling out of favor? It has so much character and is gorgeous.

  3. What a beautiful table, Dianne. I so happy you and MM were able to bring it into your home. What fun to imagine the stories shared around that table.

  4. What a beautiful table! Now you’re going to have to start cooking family dinners!

  5. Oh no! Replacing has begun on all those antiques we purchased. But I do love this table. A special find.

  6. That table is beautiful and I’m sure all the memories of those who surrounded it are as well. It looks just lovely in your home right where it belongs. And you got it for a steal!! 🙂

  7. So happy for you & know you will enjoy the beautiful table…..
    obviously it was meant to be yours!

  8. Right where it should be.. you were meant to have it..
    It looks at home, & I’m looking forward to a meal on it sometime soon !

  9. It’s a beauty alright… fortunate you were to be able to bid for it and get it to add to your dining room. The carving reminds me a lot of the style of carving on the legs of David’s grandmother’s mahogany dining table which we are fortunate enough to have. Family pieces mean so much more than anything store bought – even if it’s a store bought antique! Enjoy it……I know you will.


  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It is beautiful, Dianna, and what memories to go with it. I too like oak furniture. You were truly blessed from this auction! Enjoy. ❤

  11. This post is so sweet and from your heart. The table is beautiful on its own and tenfold more because of the history you have attached. I can see its leaves groaning under the weight of all the wonderful food you listed. Just a great read!

  12. It is a lovely table and such a bargain that I think you were meant to have it. I can’t believe people don’t want oak but then when I look at some modern decor maybe I do after all.

  13. It’s beautiful but what is special has to be the memories and the fact that it belonged back with family. I have an old oak farm table and could never part with it.

  14. Wow, it is absolutely amazing that you go this table for only $40. It’s a beauty! Some of the current furniture fads don’t quite work for me. I’d take an oak table any day over some of the modern ones.

  15. That’s a steal! LOL Good for you. We have my husband’s grandparents’ oak table. They moved it to their basement to put in one of the “modern” tables of chrome in the 1950s.

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