Worth The Wait

Many of you know that the Outer Banks of North Carolina closed their doors to visitors about two months ago due to the corona virus.

It has been nine weeks…NINE weeks….since we’ve been to Carova to see ‘my’ wild horses.

That restriction was lifted Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight. So guess where our day trip took us yesterday?

When we left home, our skies were bright and sunny. When we got to Carova,  it was pea-soup foggy.

There were lots of folks on the beach, some even in swimwear. But with a temperature around 62, and this fog, they weren’t there to sunbathe, nor to take in the view.

But, we soon found horses on the beach. That’s what WE came to see.

We had to celebrate by taking our picture with them in the background.

Beach hair: don’t care!

And….then….what’s this up ahead in the fog??

EEEEKKK! We just happened upon the third and youngest (thus far) baby born this season.  Meet Amelia and her mom. Amelia was born April 24, making her just a little over three weeks old.

I won’t say how many photos I took of this sweet baby, who was definitely feeling her oats.

And yes, I’m going to share several of them with you.

As soon as we spotted her, Motor Man pulled over at a very safe distance from the two of them and shut off our vehicle. I’m so thankful for a zoom lens on our camera.

And he patiently waited while I oohed, aahed and took picture after picture. We had them all to ourselves, other than the folks who arrived at the cottage beside where we’d stopped.

I was so disappointed to discover that this next picture is slightly blurred. It was my favorite of all I took of her.

And I was even able to get a couple of videos. This first one is so sweet of Amelia, Mom, and a cattle egret. I love how Amelia is nudging up against Mom, then takes off for a quick run.


And this next video is of her running laps around Mom. Sound up to hear her cute little whinny.  Motor Man said she looks more like a race horse than a Corolla mustang. (The horn beep you hear is that of the folks who arrived at the cottage locking their vehicle.)


So, we had a wonderful trip, and seeing this baby made waiting those long nine weeks to get back to the beach worth it.  Well, almost.

~These Days Of Mine~




9 responses to “Worth The Wait

  1. Wow! So happy you got to visit “your” horses! Hope they are safe in the storm today.

  2. I know you’re happy to be “back in the saddle again” with beach photos of the horses and just being there no matter what! The new baby is precious but then you already know that………… ❤


  3. Definitely worth the wait – makes me appreciate all over again the trips you ‘take’ us on. I’d celebrate too, but not in a bathing suit with 62 degree temps. Thanks for the smiles this morning.

  4. Wonderful pictures and videos. Some of the best times in my life were getting to raise my sweet Lizzy’s foals.

  5. I’m happy you got to be at your happy place! And what an extra special bonus seeing that new baby girl!! ❤

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful amazing pictures & videos, Dianna!! Boy, was it worth the wait. So happy you got to go back. I know it is your happy place.

  7. Sigh… nothing could make the morning sweeter. Just makes me feel happy watching little Amelia frolic! That egret is so cute, hanging out with them. ❤

  8. Awesome pics and vids to go with an awesome experience ! .. nine weeks in the making !!

  9. Beverly Dooley

    I know u enjoyed seeing that baby. She was a spunky little girl.

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