Daily Archives: September 7, 2020


Last week, my friend, Doris, shared this sweet picture making the rounds on Facebook. The caption was: “cutest back to school picture ever”.

I was reminded of the September Marshall was four years  old. That summer, he had added a stuffed animal to his collection: a frog that  he named “Hopfellow”. If you saw Marshall that summer, you saw Hopfellow.

September came, and with it, the beginning of Marshall’s school career. He attended a small preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  One of the rules was that no toys from home allowed at school. The children were to share the toys that the school provided.

Needless to say, Marshall was sad about leaving Hopfellow. So we came up with an idea:

In our living room, there was a chair near one of the front windows. We propped Hopfellow up on the back of the chair, so he could watch Marshall leave for school…..and be there waiting for him when he got back home.


~These Days Of Mine~