Daily Archives: September 23, 2020

Windowpane Wednesday: Broken

Once again,  a different type post this week for Windowpane Wednesday:

Saturday evening, Motor Man and I were in our bedroom, watching TV. Suddenly we heard a crash, which sounded, frighteningly, like a gunshot. We knew that, whatever it was, it was CLOSE.

We have a staircase in our bedroom leading to a loft.

I started up the steps to see if something had fallen in the loft, and as I passed by the window at the landing, I saw the cause of that scary sound.

The outer pane of the dual-glass window had broken.

We aren’t sure what caused it to break.

Motor Man suspects that, with all the rain we’ve had recently, the window sash may have swollen, causing the glass to break. Although it won’t be an easy repair job, we were relieved to discover what happened as quickly as we did.

Years ago, we had that  stained glass panel of Bacon’s Castle custom made, and you can be sure we’ll be safely relocating that before any repairs begin.

~These Days Of Mine~