Daily Archives: December 30, 2020

Windowpane Wednesday: Sundae’s View

Since he was a little boy, Marshall has enjoyed reading The Old Farmers Almanac, and it’s still one of my gifts to him each Christmas. One of the facts he shared with me from the almanac was that the Indians had a special name for each month’s full moon, and different Indian tribes used different names.  December’s was called the “Full Cold Moon” by the Mohawks and the “Long Night Moon” by the Mohicans.

Last night, that full moon was beautiful.

Sundae seemed to have a nice viewing spot.

Although I’ve taken down most of our Christmas decorations, the tree remains for right now.  One of Sundae’s favorite pastimes is lying under it. She makes an exception when there’s a full moon outside the window to see. (Thanks to Motor Man for suggesting this shot.)

Pretty, isn’t it, Sundae?

And this was the view from our deck.

Full COLD Moon was a fitting description. And let me just say that Sundae’s vantage point was much warmer than the one from the deck.

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