Another One In The Books

Birthday, that is.

Today, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures from my day (Friday).

One of Motor Man’s gifts to me was a cowboy hat. He was so proud that he was able to pull off the surprise.

Another surprise, compliments of Motor Man: a birthday cake with horses.

Do you detect a theme here?

A couple of weeks ago, Marshall saw a Holly Hobbie image on a 1970’s web-site, and remembered that I had stitched a picture of this many years ago (actually before he was born). So he made a 3D shadowbox of the design for me.

It’s nearly impossible to get a good picture of anything in a frame, but try to ignore the reflections, and just look at this detail.

The three of us had a nice dinner, and after we were all home, safe and sound, a thunderstorm gave us a much needed two inches of rain.

And then…there was a gorgeous sunset.

There were other celebrations last week and more to come this week.

Family and friends sure make getting older more fun.

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Another One In The Books

  1. Well I’ve always said nobody has a LONGER birthday than you do and I’m glad it’s helping soften the edges of the aging thing for you. I’m more a “get it over with” kind of birthday celebration girl but then I’m way older than you!


  2. The sweet thought that Marshall put into your memory lane shadowbox, the love MotorMan put into your surprise cowboy hat (and how many people get a surprise cowboy hat-awesome) just shows how much you are loved by family and friends ❤

  3. It was a very fun evening out – and a dry night in was the perfect way to finish it off ! Happy Birthday, again !!

  4. Your men definitely know how to surprise you – and they do it so well. Looking good in your hat! Marshall did a m arvelous job on the Holly Hobbie. I agree that you sure know how to stretch out your CELEBRATION! And we’ll continue it this week!

  5. happy Birthday !

  6. Oh what wonderful thoughtful gifts for a happy blessed birthday!!

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