Wildlife Wednesday:Ducklings

Right now, our yard is full of Canada Geese. It’s definitely been a prolific year for them.  I don’t even try to count how many there are at any given time. My feelings wouldn’t be hurt if they permanently found somewhere else to live.

BUT, we do have two adorable Mallard ducklings.

It’s rare that the ducklings we see in our yard survive.

Neighbors have said that the snapping turtles are probably responsible.

Mama Duck is obviously one that has been frequenting our yard (and enjoying the corn we feed them) for a while. She is comfortable around us and brings the little ones right up to where we are.

Be safe and grow, little ones.

~These Days Of Mine~

5 responses to “Wildlife Wednesday:Ducklings

  1. So cute! Our lake here is full of turtles and snakes and the batches of ducklings and goslings fall prey to them every year but this year – as with you – there is a proliferation of babies and I’m hoping many of them survive. They make me smile when I see them!


  2. We don’t have a lake or pond very near us but one morning we were surprised to see two adult geese and three baby goslings trooping through our yard. Only once. Haven’t seen them since.

  3. I hope they do well – I know it’s a challenge out there – more Audubon field guide caliber pics here !

  4. Yep, ducklings are definitely on the menu for the turtles. Hope these cuties avoid the dinner table and get to grow up!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So sweet. Pray the ducklings make it.

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