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Poetic Thursday: Grandma’s Shoes

Thursdays seem to come around so quickly. As usual, today I’m participating in Poetic Thursday with Pam and her kitties at Two Spoiled Cats.

This is our inspirational photo for this week:

Here’s my poem:

Grandma’s Shoes

A pair of shoes, all shiny and new,
but let me tell you what those shoes will do.

She’ll be up before the morning’s light,
and hard at work until late in the night.

Breakfast for Papa, and six boys, six girls,
before she sends them out in the world.

Their world is the farm outside their door.
They don’t have money, but they aren’t poor.

She cooks and washes and feeds the stock,
and has dinner ready at 12 o’clock.

She cleans and sews and does the mending,
and supper’s on the table as day is ending.

The shoes come off after she climbs the stairs,
gets ready for bed and says her prayers.

Grandma’s shoes. I’m sure no one could say
just how many steps she took in a day.

When I saw Pam’s photo, I was reminded of a blog post I wrote a few years ago based on an item I saw in an antique shop:

This was the tag that was attached:

Somehow I can see my Grandma’s shoes looking more like the ones in the antique shop. She was a hard-working woman, and I’m sure that, at times, life must have been very hard for her.

~These Days Of Mine~