Daily Archives: August 23, 2021

Stormy Sunday Drive

As we usually do on Sundays, Motor Man and I took a drive yesterday. We decided to go to the Northern Neck area of Virginia. That includes the towns of Kilmarnock, Reedville and Wicomico Church, and is one of our favorite areas to visit. As you can tell by the pictures later in this post, there are many waterways, so we cross several bridges.

When we left home, the forecast was for sunny with a chance of scattered afternoon thunderstorms. We saw a high of 93 degrees fairly early in the day.

This old shed (think of the stories it could tell) is near the Sunnybank Ferry in Reedville. The ferry doesn’t run on Sundays, so we weren’t able to ride.  Maybe another time.

This old car  (think of the stories it could tell), parked beside an abandoned house caught our eye.  It looks like someone’s project that was never finished. Or perhaps, that’s just where the last driver parked it?

And then, those storms arrived. And the temperature dropped from 93 to 67 degrees.

We ran through some very heavy rain.

The storms were close: at times we heard thunder while we were still seeing the lightning flashes. At one point, we briefly “lost the road” because of torrential rain, and in another spot, water was rushing across the highway.

But other than those brief “hairy” moments, it was a fun day.

~These Days Of Mine~