Poetic Thursday: Two For The Price Of One

This week, for Poetic Thursday, our host, Pam and her ginger kitty boys at Two Spoiled Cats, threw us a curve. Rather than providing us with a photo for inspiration for our poem this week, they challenged each of us to choose a photo.

So I created a challenge of my own….not one photo and poem, but two! I had to write about my two favorite guys.

This is my first picture:

And my first poem:

Your First Car

Your car’s in the crib, and you can’t tell me why.
So I just have to laugh at my fun little guy

Your grin shows just how proud you are,
sitting there on your very first car.

Snack time, nap time, pick up toys;
never a dull moment for mamas of boys.

These days will fly by like leaves on the breeze,
but sweet memories are made of moments like these.

My second photo:

And my second poem:

We Laugh

You make me laugh, you make me smile;
together we’ve covered thousands of miles.

We find the fun in every day
in something we do or something we say.

A hat on your nose, that’s how this began,
and, just like that,  I was laughing again.

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Two For The Price Of One

  1. The first poem so moved me. The days of raising your child, being the center of his universe, loving and laughing as he grows, has to be fleeting.
    Second poem, the last line sums everything up–and I am laughing again.
    They say write what you know, and you succeeded beautifully!

  2. A double portion of fun with your boys……then and now…..and I know that will always be! Good job on “Do Your Own Thing” on Poetry Day!!


  3. It’s like your little fella is saying “Look how clever I am”! He’s so pleased with himself. You capture motherhood beautifully. And laughter! So important that you have a ‘laugh machine’ in your life. Your poems and pictures always hit the mark.

  4. Oh goodness! Both are perfect pictures and poems. We are lucky to have husbands who have great senses of humor!

  5. two for one … very nice …
    these two go together very nicely.

    and as far as the car in the crib – I probably had a really good reason at the time ; )

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What is better than writing poems about your two special guys!! Great job!!

  7. A special tribute to your two favorite guys – so sweet!

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