Wacky Wildlife Windowpane Wednesday

As I’ve mentioned before, Motor Man and I enjoy feeding the birds. And that often means that we’re feeding the squirrels, too.

We took this through our kitchen window one day last month; I think photo credit goes to Motor Man for this one.

I happened across an online video showing how one woman out-tricked the squirrels and prevented them from accessing her bird feeders. She attached a Slinky to the top of the shepherd’s hook.

So last week I thought I’d give it a try. I noticed the next day that the shepherd’s hook had been knocked over, and I checked the Ring camera footage. Watch the lower left hand corner of the screen at the beginning of the video.  The squirrel uses a garden hose reel for his launch pad.

So I suppose now, in addition to feeding the squirrels, we’re also providing them with an exercise program.

~These Days Of Mine~





9 responses to “Wacky Wildlife Windowpane Wednesday

  1. LOL! You canNOT beat the squirrels at their game! Love the exercise analogy! 🙂

  2. If there’s anything even remotely close to the feeder they will jump over – they really are excellent gymnasts AND “entertainers” !


  3. Oh my gosh! That was one determined squirrel. Guess you are not only the local wildlife restaurant but the gymnasium too! 😉

  4. You never said anything about having flying squirrels ….. ?

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, great leap!!!!! Wonder if he is going to the Winter Olympics! lol

  6. That really is a great photo and awesome catch with the Ring cam.

  7. Oh! I just showed your video to my husband and saw the 2nd squirrel on the other feeder. You’re a squirrel resort!!!

  8. 😂 Launch pad! But your squirrels look downright svelte compared to the ones here.

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