Spark On Monday: Bloom

Today, I’m once again participating in the “Spark on Monday” meme. Each Monday, a quote or saying is shared to perhaps encourage others.

The blogger who began this meme ( Annie McGuffy at McGuffy’s Reader) is no longer blogging, but some bloggers are carrying on the tradition.

Today, the spark I’m sharing is a quote that I read years ago, and it’s just always stuck with me.  By years ago, I mean I was probably in my teens when I first read this.  For some reason, I thought I had seen it in a Christian magazine, but I wasn’t sure until I did a little research for this post.

Here’s today’s spark:

Image from Pinterest

Apparently, my thoughts about reading this in a Christian magazine may have some merit.

Here’s a reference about the quote on the website

Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622), when he was the Bishop of Geneva is recorded as saying this:

“Truly charity has no limit; for the love of God has been poured into our hearts by His Spirit dwelling in each one of us, calling us to a life of devotion and inviting us to bloom in the garden where He has planted and directing us to radiate the beauty and spread the fragrance of His Providence.”

There are many ways to interpret the phrase, and I think most of us could apply it to some aspect of our life.

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Spark On Monday: Bloom

  1. i love this quote

  2. That’s definitely an oldie but a goodie….might be one of the first quotes I remember hearing and “learning” years ago. Makes a great SPARK!


  3. Thank you for a lovely devotional and reminder this morning. This image is perfect. I’ve heard that quote as long as I can remember too.

  4. I like it – it looks like it could be a flag design !

  5. I really found that out a while back when my husband’s company transferred us out of state, far away from family and friends. I thought hard about this quote and decided to make the best of a “bad” situation. I stepped out of my comfort zone, got my master’s degree, and volunteered countless hours becoming a CASA. It’s always been one of my favorites!

  6. Beautiful quote and nice thoughts to go along with it.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely quote, true & it has a sunflower on it. Who could ask for more!!

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