Daily Archives: April 18, 2022

Spark On Monday: The Key

Happy Easter Monday. Today is Spark on Monday in the blogging world.  Each Monday, a quote or saying is shared to perhaps encourage others.

The blogger who began this meme ( Annie McGuffy at McGuffy’s Reader) is no longer blogging, but some bloggers are carrying on the tradition.

Some time ago, when I saw the ‘spark’ that I chose to share today, I immediately liked it and thought it worth remembering.

But, as I gave it more thought, I realized that I had mixed feelings about it.

In our relationships, whether it be with a spouse/significant other, an offspring (child or adult), or a friend, if they’re not happy, it definitely has a tendency to ‘spill over’ and affect our own personal happiness.

But, on the other hand, we should CHOOSE to be happy and not depend on someone else to supply us with that happiness. So the quote does offer good advice.

Your thoughts?

~These Days Of Mine~