Daily Archives: April 7, 2022

Poetic Thursday: Bo

Welcome once again to Poetic Thursday. Our hosts are Pam, and her kitties, Teddy and Angel Sammy, at Two Spoiled Cats.

When you see today’s inspiration picture, you’re going to know that I just couldn’t wait to write a poem about it.

Aw…… here is my poem:


This is my friend, I named her Bo.
Right now, we’re little, but we’re gonna grow.

Mom says: “no rush, time really flies”.
She thinks we’re cute; we’re both ‘fun size’

Each morning, I see Bo there by the gate.
She knows I’m coming, and that’s where she waits.

We run and play when I finish my chores;
that’s why farm kids are never bored.

Everyone works, but it’s easy to see
that Baby Bo’s job is just loving me.

~These Days Of  Mine~