Windowpane Wednesday: A Rarity

I’ve named one of the files to which I save my photos on my computer “Windowpane Wednesday”. Yesterday, I was looking through the photos for ones I hadn’t yet shared. And I found these:

It’s interesting that, when a bird that you aren’t accustomed to seeing graces you with its presence, you know immediately that it’s something different. So I grabbed the camera.

These were taken through our kitchen window, so the quality isn’t the best.

I immediately texted the pics to my self-proclaimed ‘bird-nerd’ friend, Donna, and she replied that she thought it was a yellow-headed blackbird.

Just to confirm, I sent the pics to our local Wild Birds Unlimited shop, and they said it was a positive ID. They also sent this map, showing that it’s rare for these birds to be in our area.

This was in March, and so far, that’s  been the only time I’ve seen it.  Guess the GPS took it on the scenic route.

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: A Rarity

  1. how lucky to have crossed paths

  2. I know, for sure, that I’ve never seen one in the area !

  3. This is an amazing capture!
    Cool bird!!

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, what a beautiful bird. I have never seen or heard of it.

  5. WOW!! What a treasure! I’ve never seen or heard of them either. Love seeing a new bird.

  6. That is very cool seeing a bird you haven’t seen before. We experienced that about 15 or 20 years ago when a parrot like bird showed up on our bird feeder. We soon discovered it was called a Black Hooded Parakeet or sometimes a Nanday Conure. Soon we had the entire flock of two dozen in our tree. To this day, I recognize their chirp and know when they are around.

  7. Maybe it was his idea of taking a vacation! Out of his usual area – checking out uncharted territory (for him anyway!). Pretty bird.


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