Daily Archives: August 3, 2022

Windowpane Wednesday: Feeding Time

Today for Windowpane Wednesday, I have some cute pictures of bluebirds, taken from our bedroom window.

Meal worms are rather expensive, but we do enjoy watching these beautiful birds, so to us, it’s worth it the cost. And I’m sure Tractor Supply appreciates our business.

The first picture is of an immature bluebird on a bird feeder stake. The bird on the right is part of the feeder.  It almost looks as though the REAL bluebird is offering a meal worm to the fake bird.

And here’s handsome Papa Bluebird taking over feeding duties:

I took this short video of one baby feeding another. (You should be able to click to go to full screen.)

They’re so much fun to watch, and that blue is like no other.

~These Days Of Mine~