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Poetic Thursday: The Power Of The Sea

Thursday is one of my favorite blogging days, because we share poetry with Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy at their blog, Two Spoiled Cats.

Last week, this was the photo we were given as inspiration for today’s poem:

I’ll share some info about where this picture was taken at the end of this post. But, first, my poem for today:

The Power Of The Sea

Come watch with me
the power of the sea;
a safe distance away
from that mountainous spray.

Come listen with me
to the power of the sea;
the deafening sound
of the surf all around.

Come feel with me
the power of the sea;
as the waves break tall
and make us feel small.

Come remember with me
the power of the sea,
and our first kiss
as we ran from the mist.

This photo was taken at Porthcawl in Southern Wales.  No, Motor Man and I have never been there; I just took a little poetic license with the last stanza of my poem.

~These Days Of Mine~