The Warren Years

Saturday, Bacon’s Castle held a first-time special event, which they named “The Warren Years”.

Family, friends and longtime followers of my blog know about “The Castle” and its history within my family.

It’s amazing that Bacon’s Castle, built in 1665, was owned by only three families. The third and last owner was the Warren family, who owned it for three generations. My maternal grandmother was second cousin to the final Warren owner. My grandparents  (Ben and Mae) and their 12 children lived in the house from the early 1920’s til the early 1940’s.

After the death of Mr and Mrs. Warren in 1972, the house was sold at auction to Preservation Virginia.  That organization began a massive restoration, and the property has been open for public tours since that work was completed.

So, a few of our family members toured the Castle Saturday morning. Our group included three of my cousins, myself, and two of our spouses.

This is cousin Betty; her mom (Martha) and mine were sisters. Aunt Martha was married in the Castle on Christmas Day in 1935. And of course, Motor Man and I were married there in 2002. Betty thought it would be appropriate for us to have our picture taken in that room.

Before the tour, one of the staff members ‘interviewed’ us, taping our conversation as we shared memories related to the Castle and our family members who lived there.

Afterward, we had a ‘picnic on the grounds’. This was Betty’s idea, and it was such a fun time. Although small in number, we made up for it in food and conversation.

The cousins picture. That’s Gene on the left, then Kim. They’re great grandchildren of Ben and Mae, and Betty and I are two of the grandchildren.

Betty’s husband, L.D., and my Motor Man also joined us for the tour and picnic.

Interesting tour, good food, perfect weather and family ties made for a fun gathering. As Betty has said many times, we’re so proud of our grandparents, and their hard work and perseverance through difficult times.

And, perhaps most of all, their love of family.

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “The Warren Years

  1. Glad you all had a special day at the Castle together… ties are important – especially as the years go by.


  2. What a special day for you and your family!

  3. What a wonderful event and how special! Loved the pictures and I am sure it was lovely to be with family. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great times and great pics !!
    Always good to see the Castle, & even better when family’s there..

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, I love it!!! What a wonderful memory making family event.

  6. Picnics are just the BEST. Add family, history, and conversation and you have the BEST outing.

  7. How wonderful! I think about you every time we travel through there. Having your family gather in and around a place that bears witness to your history is the best! Glad you are well!

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