Windowpane Wednesday: Gypsy’s View

Once again, a different type of windowpane shot this week. And thanks, Motor Man, for this cute idea.

Our office has a door through which Gypsy enjoys viewing the outside world.

Recently, I’ve started picking her up and holding her for a few minutes, so she can have a ‘higher’ view. She always puts her paws on the bar at the center of the door.  And we talk about all the things we can see out there.

Motor Man went outside to capture this picture. You can see his reflection in the glass “behind” me.

Yes, Gypsy is just a bit spoiled. And I’m a crazy cat lady. And Motor Man loves us both.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Gypsy’s View

  1. What a cute picture!!!
    Motorman the creative genius on this one!! And Gypsy just happy to be surrounded by loved ones!

  2. I’m sure Gypsy likes having a little different perspective on what she can see from the shop windows!


  3. VERY creative and sweet. Lucky FurFamily.

  4. A very cool idea ! – and it’s neat how all 3 of you are included .. it looks like Gyp has been taking posing lessons …

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Gypsy is thinking thanks pawrents for letting me see more of the world.

  6. That was a great idea for a photo, thanks to your Motor Man. I bet Gypsy likes listening to you telling her what she sees in that world outside the window.

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