Daily Archives: January 18, 2023

Windowpane Wednesday: The Blues

I just love bluebirds. I may have made that statement here on this blog a few times previously. Until a few years ago, when we spotted a couple in our yard, we never thought about having them.  A friend mentioned that we should put out meal worms, and the bluebirds would be eternally grateful.

Yes, meal worms are expensive. And yes, the larger birds can make them disappear like magic. Another friend gifted me this larger bluebird feeder.

Occasionally, I’ll put some meal worms in this open feeder, but usually the larger birds empty it before the bluebirds have a chance.

I think their coloring is just so beautiful.

When you zoom in on a picture of one, it tends to look a bit grumpy. I’m sensing a ‘thank you’.

You’re very welcome, little one.

~These Days Of Mine~