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I Must Confess

You probably recall the post from last month when I shared Motor Man’s and my celebration of the anniversary our first date.

To recap: the restaurant where we’d gone on our first date closed a few years ago, the building was demolished, and just recently, a new Krispy Kreme donut shop has opened on that site.  So that’s where we went last month to celebrate.

But, now…..I must confess.  Our first date was ACTUALLY on March 13, not February 13.  I realized that a few days after I published that post.

When I mentioned that to Motor Man, he said that something just didn’t seem right; he didn’t recall our first date being that close to Valentine’s Day.  But, he says I’m better about remembering dates than he is, so he didn’t question me.

We discussed it with Marshall a few days later, and he said that he knew the date was March 13, not February. (He had joined us on the first date.) But he was too much of a gentleman to call me on it.

So, what to do?

Of course!  Motor Man and I were forced to return to Krispy Kreme Sunday evening to celebrate the real anniversary of our first date.


Now, I wonder what excuse we could come up with to go to Krispy Kreme next month??

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Random Five/Willy Nilly Friday

Another Friday: more randomness.

1.) 17 years ago this evening, Motor Man and I had our first “date”.  Yes, I know it’s a bit sappy to celebrate that date every year. But that’s just how we are.  AND, it was on Friday, the 13th.  This picture was taken a few months after that first date.

jrdb kent island 98 3-12-2015 9-06-29 PM

2.) I mentioned to Marshall that I’d recently read that you needn’t understand all the information on a nutritional label; just buy items with the fewest number of ingredients. With raised eyebrows, he suggested that I check the label on a bag of Fritos. Hmm…I’m not sure this means Fritos are healthy.

fritos 3-12-2015 2-26-15 PM

3.) A few months ago, I found this artwork on Pinterest and pinned it. I’ve already begun collecting the rocks and beach glass in hopes of, one day, attempting my own version.

lighthouse and boats-001

4.) Yesterday, this adorable little pot of miniature daffodils caught my eye at the supermarket. I added a bow and a butterfly embellishment: instant birthday gift.

daffies 3-12-2015 2-36-46 PM

5.)  Tomorrow, I’m helping a friend pack for a (short-distance) move. Other friends will be there, we’ll have oldies playing, and I’m thinking it’s going to be a party.

Your randomness…?

Around Roanoke

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