Random Five Friday

It’s the eve of the weekend and time once again for five completely random thoughts:

1.) My friend, Donna, gave me a solar snowman-shaped bird feeder for Christmas.  I shared a photo recently of a squirrel helping himself to a meal of sunflower seeds.  Donna and I both had been disappointed that I hadn’t seen a single bird at the feeder. Then,  Wednesday morning, I noticed Sundae completely enamored at something outside the window. YAY!  A bird!


2.) Speaking of Sundae, I was clearing out an old SD camera card yesterday, and found this photo from February, 2012.  It had never been uploaded to the computer.  Sundae must have been in one of her silly  moods. Love her question-mark tail.

sundae 2-10-2012 10-44-21 AM

3.) Yes, I think many of us can identify with this.  I saw it on Facebook this week.

taking pictures

4.) Our local newspaper has a Facebook page, and a couple of days each week, they share (in the paper) comments left on some of their Facebook stories.  Poor Jo Ann; I don’t suppose she’s considered a broom for the job.

joann 2-13-2016 7-38-00 PM

5.) And finally, Motor Man and I celebrated the 18th anniversary of our first date last week.  The restaurant that we went to that night has been demolished, and a Krispy Kreme built on that location.  So we celebrated there. Chocolate covered custard filled…..yum.

dbjr kk

 Temps in the 60’s for the weekend will have us thinking about spring….

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. YAY – a bird! We’ve had tons of birds the last couple of weeks – I think they are as anxious as we are for Spring. We’ll have temps in 60s tomorrow too but back to winter Sunday and next week – the “S” word is in the forecast again! Happy Friday……….


  2. Don’t worry, more birds will come. Those Black-capped chickadees eat 24-7. I can’t keep the feeders full. Happy Weekend!

  3. I was so happy to see that beautiful little bird – black capped chickadee -as I was not understanding in that perfect environment why it was not covered! I know Dianna has squirrels, when I had both they shared! So glad to see it and hope for many more. Thanks to Sundae for alerting you. Love the picture of you and Jr. Good weekend!

  4. Man that newspaper article was hilarious! Love your chickadee 🙂

  5. You can always count on a chickadee to visit a new feeder! Sundae has a great view!

  6. Definitely a touch of Spring on TheseDays !
    Glad the birds have discovered the feeder …
    & Happy First Date Anniversary .. !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    That snowman feeder is so cute! I am sure more birds will find it soon. Love the picture of Sundae. Have a good weekend!

  8. You two sport those hats well! ….And Krispy Kreme – a favorite of our date days, then and now! :> Love the random thoughts!

  9. That long-lost photo of Sundae is adorable! A Krispy Kreme date? Sounds good to me!

  10. You described my favorite donut, too. Poor Jo Ann! I hope she was joking.

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