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These Barns…In Snow

A couple of years ago, I shared pictures of the barns on the property at Windsor Castle. The manor house there was built in 1725 by Arthur Smith, founder of our town of Smithfield. Click here to see that post.

A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I went riding after our first snowfall of the season, and I took this photo of some of those same barns. I added a little “vignette” frame and was pleased with the result.

barns1 1-21-2014 10-02-35 PM

This winter is bringing us more snow than we normally see. Our forecast for tomorrow says we may have 2-4 inches of snow.  Our area has difficulty with any snow at all, but it sure makes for pretty pictures.

Almost everyone I know is ready for spring

~These Days Of Mine~

Barn Charm With A Bonus

For Barn Charm today, I’m sharing yet another photo from our trip to Strasburg last month. Exactly how many pictures did I take during that trip, you ask?

I’m not telling.

Now, back to Barn Charm. Here’s a barn we saw along the way.

And, in the side lot, a little bonus barn that I’m throwing in at no charge.

A side view of the main barn.

A side view of the bonus barn – with a cow, standing in the sunlight.

And a cute little calf, peeking at us under the fence. I think he knew that I’m a country girl.

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Barn Charm In Orbit

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday morning, Motor Man suggested we go riding out in the country to look for barns. What a guy!

We hit the jackpot in a too-small-to-even-be-a-mapdot area of our county, known as Orbit. It’s too small to be called a town, or even a village. But, oh boy, does it have barns.

Although there were several barns scattered around the area, the ones I’m sharing today were all located in one “barnyard”. I can’t say for sure, but they don’t appear to be any longer in use.

This smaller barn was to the right of the big one. At least this one is being used to (partially) store a tractor.

I know this little shed isn’t technically a barn, but it’s so cute, I had to include it. It’s to the right of the “tractor” barn.

I love the little window at the top.

I’ll bet you didn’t know there were barns in Orbit……

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Barns And Smoke Signals

If you’re a regular reader (thank you), you’re probably wondering if we found any barns while we were in California last week.

And the answer is “yes, we did”.

And it’s all because of a scheduling issue with a train ride we planned to take out of Fillmore, California, which is about a hundred miles northwest of where we were staying. The train ride didn’t happen, but we still had a nice day.

These barns were near Fillmore.

I don’t think this one is being still being used.

I liked this red barn because of the old truck to the left….and the orange tree on the right.

Motor Man and I disagreed about whether or not this is – or ever was – a barn.

And even though there isn’t a barn in this next picture, I wanted to share it. The mountains were so beautiful on our trip that day, I was taking pictures as we drove down the highway. This is one of those “surprise” photos. When I uploaded my pictures to the computer, I realized the cloud behind the mountain made it appear as though someone were sending a smoke signal.

And this all reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Life with you is like a road trip. We may not always know exactly where we’re headed, but it’s a sweet ride”.

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Town Barns

This barn, my entry for today’s Barn Charm, is located within the town limits of Smithfield, just one street over from Main. It is believed to date from the mid 1800’s.

And I’m not sure if the buildings in the next picture qualify as barns or not. Perhaps they’re just old sheds. But they’re on the same farm, so I thought I’d include them in today’s Barn Charm.

 The property (including a house built in the late 1700’s), is owned by an elderly lady, who still lives there. The barns have fallen into disrepair, as has the house, to a certain extent. A few years ago, a group of volunteers met and offered their services in removing the vines from the house and barns. It was an attempt to prevent further damage to the structures.  I’m told the volunteers were asked by the landowner to leave the premises.


Cotton Barn Charm

Recently, Motor Man and I were riding around out in the country, enjoying a beautiful day. And I spied…..out by the cotton modules….

Two old barns, worthy of Barn Charm Tuesday.

Since we know the landowner, we Motor Man decided there was no harm in driving down the lane to take a few close-up pictures.

 Two barns for the price of one for Tricia’s Barn Charm this week.  

From The Interstate At 70 MPH


I think it’s only human nature to sometimes take for granted the landscape that you see on an everyday basis.

Last week when Motor Man and I drove to Michigan, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful countryside covered in snow, and I wondered if the local residents appreciated the beauty.

As Motor Man was driving down the interstate at 65-70 mph, I was almost hanging out of the window, snapping pictures of the scenery.

You may remember that I have a fondness for barns. Pennsylvania and Ohio didn’t disappoint. I love the serenity of the snow and the weathered white of the buildings in this photo. And how about that house up on the hill?

And of course, the red barns stood out against the blanket of snow.

This picture wasn’t taken from the interstate. We were on a country road in Virginia when we saw this beautiful old barn. The arrow is pointing to a tiny horsehoe.

It’s easier to see in this cropped photo.

But this may be my favorite photo of all the ones I took from the interstate. Written on the little shed in front of the barn is “DRINK MILK!”.

Moutains, valleys, barns, snow: the perfect combination for beautiful scenery. I hope the locals noticed.