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Random Five Friday

Today’s R5F won’t be entirely snow-related, but since we’re still dealing with the 6-8 inches that fell Monday evening, it seems to be dominating most of my thoughts.  The snow hasn’t gone anywhere, schools are still closed, it’s three (3) degrees right now with a wind chill of minus-zero (-0), and I haven’t driven in four (4) days.  Who’s ready for spring?

1.) Speaking of spring, this isn’t the best quality photo (it was taken through a window), but we had a huge flock of FAT robins in our yard yesterday morning. Do they know something we don’t?

robins2-19-2015 7-53-32 AM 2-19-2015 7-53-32 AM

2.) I shared this on my Facebook page earlier this week, but I thought the rest of you might also enjoy a chuckle. We soften our ice cream in the microwave for a few seconds to make scooping it easier. Sunday evening, after dishing up our nightly treat, I mistakenly/absentmindedly put the container (almost an entire half gallon, by the way) back in the microwave, rather than the freezer.  I discovered it the next morning. Note all that delicious cream nearly filling the glass tray…. sigh. And thanks to  Motor Man for helping clean up THAT.

blue bella 2-16-2015 3-56-32 PM

3.) Our front yard yesterday during morning’s golden hour.

“Just remember, in the winter,
far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed,
that with the sun’s love, in the spring, becomes the rose.”

front yard 2-19-2015 7-58-19 AM

4.) It’s waiting for spring, too, and some pretty plants in that “bucket basket”.

bike in snow 2-17-2015 1-22-09 PM

5.) And, in closing, yesterday’s sunset over our icy river.

icy sunset 2-19-2015 5-50-44 PM

 Does your randomness this week include snow? Or melted ice cream?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday: Valentine Edition

Friday again, and time for R5F.

1.) We had snow yesterday!  ( I can hear you laughing, you know….)

snow and tree 2-12-2015 5-27-46 PM

2.) Yesterday, Gypsy was lying on her back in my lap (that is a lapful, by the way). I straightened out my legs, and she didn’t move.

db and gyp-001

(…close up. I finally sat her upright; she was content for so long, I was concerned the blood would rush to her head.) Silly girl.

gyp 2-12-2015 1-07-30 PM

3.)  Two years ago, my late cousin, Lona, sent me this “custom” Valentine by email. Miss her so much.

is always there for me day or night
is a good listener, no matter what my fear
is a friend, a sister, my favorite cousin
is always there with a tissue to catch all the tears,
brings me snacks to cure all my ills
shares with me her latest adventures, or sits
quietly beside me as the chefs of the world cook for us on tv
creates and sends the greatest greeting cards
loves me no matter what.
NAN – You Are My Valentine!
Love you, lme

4.) Just for fun, I shared this photo a few years ago in a post recalling the time Motor Man gave me a 6 carat carrot ring for Valentine’s Day.

db and 6 carrot ring 2-14-2006 1-45-29


5.) But, seriously, Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetheart.

jrdb 9-12-10 9-12-2010 4-53-19 PM

And to each of you as well.

~These Days of  Mine~

Random Five…Thursday?

Random Five is early this week!

1.) This was our snow on Tuesday morning. Yes, I can hear all my northern friends laughing from here. And, thankfully, the street was just wet, not icy.

snow 1-27-2015 7-37-24 AM

2.) Yesterday, I received quite a special, thoughtful gift in the mail.  My dear blogging friend, Pix, sent me this beautiful necklace (which she had custom made for me). And she had written a sweet message in this beautiful card.  Thanks again, Pix; I love it!

card and necklace 1-28-2015 3-26-15 PM

3.) Recently, I was contacted by a young woman who had read my post about the yearbooks, purchased on E-bay, from my alma mater. It seems that her grandfather had been the high school principal at that school during the late fifties. He was no longer there when I was in school, but my sister remembered him well.  She shared several stories with me of her memories of him as principal, and I, in turn, forwarded those to his granddaughter. And she shared them with her father. Just another reason I love blogging.

yearbooks 7-30-2013 3-27-28 PM

4.) You may recall this photo that I shared a couple of weeks ago.   There’s sad news in our area this week: a 75-year old fisherman left out of this harbor (in a smaller boat than these) late Monday afternoon. His boat was found capsized later that evening, but as of this morning, his body hasn’t been found. This is just a few miles upriver from where we live.

tb 1-11-2015 2-35-27 PM

5.) Wondering why it’s R5T this week, rather than R5F? I won’t be posting tomorrow;  Motor Man and I will celebrate our anniversary on Monday, and there just may be a long weekend in our immediate future.

orig ringbearer-1

One of my favorites: Motor Man, before the ceremony, keeping my wedding ring safe on his pinkie.

 Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

One More Time

Is everyone sick of blog posts about winter weather, snow, ice, etc.,? Well, here’s my addition to that collection.

Monday, our area had sleet beginning around mid morning. This was our deck around 11:45.  (All sleet, no snow.)

deck1 3-3-2014 11-44-10 AM

This was our deck one hour later. Still all sleet, no snow.

deck2 3-3-2014 12-47-58 PM

Monday night, around 7:30: a couple of inches of snow on top of the sleet.

deck3 3-3-2014 7-27-08 PM

And perhaps my favorite snow picture this winter, looking out our front door later in the evening.

goodnight2 3-3-2014 7-21-30 PM

Now, remind me again, just how many days til spring?

~These Days of Mine~

Random Five Friday

A wintry Random Five this week:

1.) Motor Man and I took a road trip on Monday to another engine builder’s shop about four hours away in North Carolina. Motor Man needed to pick up some engine parts. But, surprise! The engine builder’s wife knows I like old furniture, so she gave me a couple of things, including this adorable child’s desk. The problem was how to fit it in our truck; we had already loaded some pretty large engine parts.  We the guys finally squeezed everything in (fighting a cold wind and snow flurries). I’ll share pictures once I decide on where we’ll put our new treasures.

the desk 1a 2-11-2014 6-50-43 AM

2.) We’ve had winter weather this week, including a snowy afternoon/evening on Wednesday. Those of you who know us know that we rarely eat at home, but I decided a roast with carrots and potatoes in the crock pot would be a good idea that day. THEN, yesterday, I made peanut butter cookies. Help! I’m becoming Betty Crocker!

roast 2-12-2014 5-14-48 PM

3.)  Some time back, I mentioned that Motor Man and I were planning a getaway this month. A few of you guessed correctly what our plans were. We had planned to go on a steam train ride this weekend in Pennsylvania. The company is called Steam Into History, and the train is a replica of the one President Lincoln rode en route to deliver the Gettysburg Address. For Presidents’ weekend, there were to be costumed interpreters along on the ride. BUT, the area was hit with a massive ice storm last week, resulting in many trees and limbs down on the tracks, so the trip was cancelled. They’re hoping to reschedule at a later date.

4.) Speaking of winter, I am SO ready for toes-in-the-sand weather…

toes in the sand

5.) This is my Valentine’s gift from Motor Man. (That’s Sundae and Gypsy in the heart.)

kitty heart 2-14-2014 6-26-14 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

~These Days Of Mine~

These Barns…In Snow

A couple of years ago, I shared pictures of the barns on the property at Windsor Castle. The manor house there was built in 1725 by Arthur Smith, founder of our town of Smithfield. Click here to see that post.

A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I went riding after our first snowfall of the season, and I took this photo of some of those same barns. I added a little “vignette” frame and was pleased with the result.

barns1 1-21-2014 10-02-35 PM

This winter is bringing us more snow than we normally see. Our forecast for tomorrow says we may have 2-4 inches of snow.  Our area has difficulty with any snow at all, but it sure makes for pretty pictures.

Almost everyone I know is ready for spring

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Whew! I must admit: I’m glad it’s Friday. And that means, it’s time for Random Five Friday.

1.)  Thank you SO much for the kind comments on yesterday’s post regarding my current blog struggle. I was encouraged by the support!

2.) Earlier this week, Gypsy shared a post about her work as my office assistant. Sundae said she wanted equal time. I guess her title would be domestic engineer, specializing in laundry, particularly warm towels, fresh from the dryer.

sundae towels 2-5-2014 4-22-13 PM

3.) Tax preparation is complete: YAY!  Motor Man just has to look over a couple of things, and it will be on its way to the CPA. What can I do to celebrate?

4.) The ducks that I feed almost daily missed a few days last week because of the snow. But as soon as it began clearing, there they were, ready to eat.

ducks 2-1-2014 4-06-53 PM

And quack.

ducktail 2-1-2014 4-07-03 PM

5.) Speaking of “waterfowl”, last Saturday morning, Motor Man and I took a little drive around town. I spotted this egret near the edge of a stream at our local park. It was on Motor Man’s side of the vehicle, so I handed him the camera. I love everything about this picture: the white snow, the blue of the water and the blurred reflection of the trees in the water. Good job, Motor Man!

egret 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM

And now, I’m heading over to Nancy’s to read other Random Five Friday entries.

~These Days Of Mine~