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Smile Photo – Motor Man’s Bouquet


The weekly smile photo was absent last week. I know that you all missed it.  Well, maybe one or two of you. So, by popular demand, it’s back.

Technically, I should have posted this photo last week, since that was our anniversary. But last week’s blog was already pretty busy with Motor Man’s wardrobe “malfunctions”.  See here  and here if you missed those. 

But back to the smile photo: the day of our wedding, I had my camera with me almost the entire day.  During our reception, I wanted to get a photo of our wedding cake before it was cut, so I asked Motor Man to hold my bouquet for just a second.

Of course, I HAD to get a picture of that too. Since so many of our friends were also taking pictures that day, we received several copies of this photo taken from different angles.

Motor Man has been a good sport about it, although he’s teased Marshall quite a bit about the smile on his face.

Just another photo that makes me smile. Every time.