Daily Archives: January 31, 2011

And Yet…My Husband Still Loves Me, Pt. 1


I’m conducting a poll. How many of you ladies pack your husband’s clothes before a trip? Ever since Motor Man and I have been married, I’ve  packed for him.

There have been a couple of times that I’ve forgotten a small essential, but we’ve realized it in time to stop at a Walmart or a department store to purchase the forgotten item.

Last week, we took a trip to Dearborn, Michigan for an awards banquet. More about that in days to come. But on the way, we stopped in Pennsylvania for a sleigh ride.

The location for the sleigh ride was, naturally, in a very rural area. The nearest small town was made up of a church, a funeral home and a post office. We were probably an hour away from any retail establishment.

Bear with me; this requires a bit of explanation.

Motor Man rarely wears a winter coat. He just doesn’t care for them. But, of course, he would need one for this trip. There was a heavy beige coat with a hood in his closet, but his mother had recently given him a new coat. And the lining of the new one just looked so warm, I thought it would be perfect for the sleigh ride. I even asked him what he thought about taking this new coat on the trip.  And he agreed.

Back to the sleigh ride. We’re about 10 minutes from the farm where we’re going to ride. The weather is perfect. Temperature in the low 30’s, a few snow flakes falling. Perfect.

Until I look at Motor Man’s coat and realize that it doesn’t have a hood. And we didn’t bring a hat for him. Or ear muffs. Or scarf. He was going to have to go on this sleigh ride bare-headed.

Being the trouper that he is, he didn’t complain at all. I enjoyed the ride, but kept thinking about him and his poor, cold bare head.  He was fine. Until the wind picked up, and it started to snow harder.

Then he switched to McGuyver mode:

I just love that little curl on top.

Tomorrow: Part Two (yes, there’s another incident) of And Yet…My Husband Still Loves Me”. You don’t want to miss that one.